Recovery Drink by Edgar Gesalzenes Karamell

Recovery Drink by Edgar Gesalzenes Karamell

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Manufacturer: Edgar PowerProduct code: P00099

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Manufacturer: Edgar PowerProduct code: P00099

New energy for your body!

Recovery Drink by Edgar will help you quickly restore the strength of muscles and the whole body after a hard physical exercise. The smart carbohydrate mixture is mixed in such a way as to give your body new energy:

> Depleted supplies will be immediately replenished by glucose and sucrose. They are simpler carbohydrates, which the body can process quickly and recharge energy very quickly from them.

> Later you will be able to rely on maltodextrin, the advantage of which is quick absorption and then gradual release of additional sugar into the blood.

> Another ingredient is palatinose, which is used in the digestive tract as glucose and fructose. As a result, this disaccharide releases energy in a very controlled manner and also helps to prevent hot flashes.

> Each dose of Recovery Drink is loaded with proteins. The contained BCAA amino acids and L-glutamine actively support the growth and renewal of muscle fibers after physical exercise.

> And what about the taste? It is awesome! Enjoy the delicate salted caramel flavour and get back to the training faster!

Aroma Salted Caramel
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